Tales of Gluing Past

Here are some scans from the February 1970 issue of Scale Modeler.

We are living in The Golden Age of Plastic Kits. After this, it will not come again. But we are also living in The Golden Age of “Experts” Who Use the Internet to Inflate Their Egos While Failing to Provide Any Real Help for Beginners.

That’s right–we are living in the GAOEWUTITITEWFTPARHFB.

I’m not saying that Scale Modeler provided this type of information in every issue (unfortunately, they didn’t) but they did make an effort. Not all of it would “pass muster” now. Some of it is dated and others aspects are just plain wrong–but it’s the effort to provide basic information that we are missing now.

I try. I do try to provide some good, basic information in my own way.


It’s new-tool day at Rancho Dancho.

Here’s the pair of scissors that you need to do vac-form canopies. I get damn little in the way of kickbacks for endorsing this product. Not one red cent yet.

Got some new charcoal pencils. For those of you not asleep yet, you’ll recall that these are critically important for building scale models.

Don’t ask me “how.” Do not ask that. I swear to God…

To top it off, a trip to Big Lots rendered a new nail buffer.

I’m gradually moving away from my ambition of conquering the blogging world and becoming President of the Universe. For the time being, my output on this blog shall rise and fall as the tide.

In the meantime, I have some Thai food to cook, and miles to go before I sleep.


2 Replies to “Tales of Gluing Past”

  1. I wondered where you vanished to.

    It is funny you mention this; one of the reasons I stopped buying modelling magazines was due to this phenomenon of basically being a flashy rag that showcased perfect airbrushing examples. Imagine my surprise when I saw a copy of ‘Model military ‘international’ that had a rather normal looking build on its front cover. Looking inside, the builder had used brushes and spray cans on his Valentine tank, can you imagine? The Horror! His figures looked like something I could do, and there wasn’t a hint of apology or admission of being an untermensch, or that somewhat embarrassed way some people declare they are using a brush/spraycans for ‘something different’, or ‘capturing their childhood’.


  2. Nice to see a new post. I haven’t been checking in as often as I should. I will occasionally receive a gift subscription to Fine Scale. They do focus almost exclusively on airbrushing. Sometimes, I like their kit reviews, but I can find those online. If you read more than a handful of issues, you will have read the complete range of articles to be found In their pages. This mag may not even be useful for the complete beginner. In fact, it could be a bit discouraging!

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