The Heartbreak of Alopecia Penicillium

I am humbly requesting donations to fight the one true scourge of our age– the dread disease known as Alopecia Penicillium.

It sounds harmless, doesn’t it? But the horror of premature hair loss within the brush community is real, and the heartbreak does not go away.

Not without your help.

For a donation of no more than one dollar a month (or whatever money they use in your heathen country, no offense) you can help to provide a hot bath and a coat of brush conditioner to a Kolinsky Sable or Squirrel or even a synthetic brush (welcome robot overlords!) so that they can go to school, put on shoes, and be somebody.

Don’t abandon these tired, hungry refuse from some foreign shore. Won’t you please help? One click is all it takes to save a life.

Donate now and forever at our Patreon. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!

Click on the link above. Do it for Fluffy. Do it for Poofy. DO IT FOR FURRY!

3 Replies to “The Heartbreak of Alopecia Penicillium”

    1. Welcome back! I was wondering where my millions of dollars went. I guess I’ll have to get a job on the COVID relief fraud investigation…

      1. Looks like the Patreon link works again but it’s now dogma72 and not thebrushpainter.

        I thought you were moving away from the dogma72 moniker?

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