They Know Not What They Do

I’m not telling you to watch this video because it’s full of good stuff. I’m telling you to watch this video because it reveals how the mini-painter world– an elven land where the River Yrregredallae and the Mountains of Dew meet on a broad green plain to paint and eat Cheetos– are taking a short ride straight into the airbrush wormhole. I know not where they will come out. Or if.

The airbrush heresy begins innocently enough. You find that it DOES SOMETHING. Something you couldn’t do before. It paints white. It paints yellow. It paints YELLOW AND WHITE.

It creates a groovy “shaded” effect by spraying from “above” at a miniature. “Prime” in black and then lay in a snowfall of white from above. Instant shading. Then slather on some translucent paint and TAA DAA!!!!

You’re ready to play Warhammer.

This miracle is then followed by others.

You can paint this with it. You can paint that with it. You can paint IT ALL. Soon, you no longer even look at that kiddy toy– the brush. Now you’re a grown up man and can spray all day and all night. You begin to think about safety gear.

A mask?

Yes. Sure.

A “spray booth???”

Yeah. I suppose.

A spray booth that exhausts out into the barren wastes of my beloved Sweden???????

As we say in Sweden, Ja.

A spray painting shed with booth and a place to set my mint julep while my horses graze on my thousand acre estate?

What just happened?

You see, the airbrush looks cool and all, but it draws you in….

There is, a house, in NEW ORLEANS….


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