Another day, another WordPress glitch.

I freely admit to using as much “free” software as I can get my grubby paws on. The “rating” software that looks so cool is a free demo of a “for pay” product. So far, so good. I can’t complain about free, right?

Except that it won’t allow me to give a “zero” rating and it doesn’t flash up a warning when I hammer a product like Vallejo Model Color with a big fat goose egg to indicate that no, it’s not good.

Instead, the damn thing bides its time, and then deletes the “zero” rating when my back is turned, and the rating for the review goes all weird.

Two things wrong with this. One, it should fucking tell me that it’s doing that. Two, it forces me to give a half-star to a product that IN NO WAY DESERVES IT (GET BACK IN THE BASEMENT, VALLEJO–DO YOU WANT THE DRENCHIES? WE CAN GET THE DRENCHIES? Okay then.)

Because I’m forced to “up” the score, I’m also forced to “down” the score in other ways to give the product the rating it richly deserves, unless I re-eval my whole system and remove some ratings to keep from giving some products absurdly high ratings that they do not deserve.

Oh well. The reviews are a work in progress.

All I can say is “who needs hackers when WordPress and all it’s add-ons are so flakey?”

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