You Can Flat if You Want To

One source of perpetual frustration for me is that whenever I try to make a point about something that is not part of the “official narrative” I get pushback because “it’s not normal.”

C’mon. Jeez. How weak can you get? I use floor wax to finish my models and I thin paint with window cleaner. I also use about ten billion other things in ways not approved by your mom.

So get over it.

My most recent experiments indicate to me that there has to be a better way to mix up a “flattener” than to depend on “the powers that be” to make it for me. Why should I wait for some self-important clown to give me permission to do something? I HAVE to depend on dentists (but I’m always open to doing myself if possible).

Surgery? Have to rely on some dweeb to make that happen.

But I don’t trust any of ’em as far as I could throw ’em.

So I bought some of this:

It’s used to flatten paint.

I’m going to PUT IT IN FUTURE AND STIR. Then I’ll see if I can create a flat finish without having to get Tamiya-san involved.

Sorry, honorable Tamiya-san.

Pearl Harbor.

Just sayin’.

I’ll keep you posted on the outcome. Having a a good, solid, reliable flat finish that can be brushed on is a big part of my bag of tricks. I really depend on it. But the Tamiya “flat base” contains some kind of alcohol and I’m not sure that it really works well with the Future/Pledge/Covid Cure that I use as a clear gloss.

Over time, I think that some kind of chemical reaction takes place. It doesn’t affect how it works but it affects how it smells. The clear flat I mixed a year ago smells like Ambroid Dope.

So I’m going to try to work around that problem, using the Silicon Dioxide as a flattening agent.

Any questions?


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