Walking the Plank

Quite a lot to report today.

First, an announcement. The rigging is complete!

I’d say it was worth it.

Now I’m planning on finishing a few details. The gun-port doors will have to be installed to make the Revell kit complete. I’ve read that they may not be authentic, but I’m building the kit “out of the box.” The lantern will also need to be installed.

The stand is a bit of a puzzle. I’m figuring on going whole hog and using the Revell stand, but the name plate will need to be done, and painting it could be a challenge.


I just happen to have some press-on lettering of exactly the right type and size.

They even work.

I took a tongue depressor and cut it to size using my trusty Zona razor saw and miter box. Then I stained the wood with my mix of Future (Pledge) and food coloring. I’m sanding it a little and dipping it in Future until it’s smooth and “like furniture.”

I’ll rub the dry transfers onto decal and then apply them to the word as wet decals. This is easier, safer and…did I mention easier?

The crew is going to be on-board. Can’t have sails without a crew ya’ lubber! Unfortunately, they all gave me a hard time, to IT’S THE PLANK!

I glued each of them to tongue depressors using Tombo Multi and then painted them black using Tamiya flat black. This stuff is the king of flat blacks. Can’t goof it up.

The figures are outstanding.

This guy has a hole I drilled in his hip. I’ll put a thread through that so it will look like he’s pulling on a rope.

I’ve been reading up on painting miniatures and so I’m hoping that I can avoid the “blobs on a blog” outcome. We’ll see.

I’m hoping they can resemble these scurvy dogs. (Spaniards!)


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  1. This is really looking excellent. What a slog.

    Have you painted miniatures before? They can be a pain until you work out the formula, but since I use Dark Side enamels for my own, and apparently the way of acrylic miniature figure painting is somewhat different, I will be of limited help.

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