What Should My Next Project Be? (Sort-of a Poll…..)

My next project will be a “natural metal” finish on a 1/72 scale kit.

But WHICH kit???

Let me know if you have an opinion by posting your preference below in the comments… PLEASE choose one from this list, otherwise I will completely ignore you.

Monogram P-36 (RETRO ACTION!!)

Fujimi MiG-21PF

Hasegawa CF-104

ESCI F-104

Tamiya P-51D

I’m not going to be counting “votes” exactly. This will be more fair. Like a Russian election.

People who contribute MONEY will get extra love and attention (as always).

Click here to feel the love!

Above all, HAVE FUN!

7 Replies to “What Should My Next Project Be? (Sort-of a Poll…..)”

    1. There it is then. The voice of the people is the voice of God. The Monogram P-36 will be finished in a full metal jacket with sparkles and everything.

      Voting is now closed……

      1. Great. P-36 is one of my favorite aircraft.

        I haven’t been participating by doing, because I’m working on healing a severely spasm’d neck and head muscles. Self inflicted by way too much phone and computer time, and jaw clenching and past history of other factors. It takes time to fix, and several meds including muscle relaxant that makes driving, working on anything like models, reading; difficult and counterproductive to healing. This syndrome is now being recognized by Dr’s as a very prevelant problem these days, cell phone being the prime culprit. I will also be getting new glasses soon, with one pair just for computer viewing and comfortable use of my Optivisor. I might get a Tablet to make phone time more ergonomic. NO PLACE FOR OLD SISSIES.

        1. Here’s to your speedy recovery. It is very true that aging is no place for those who are not prepared for the long fight.

  1. Hey Sir…
    Feeling better. Sent you an email, but didn’t go through.

    Started on my ancient Airfix snap to fit Spitfire I. Really not a bad kit. Very soft plastic. Probably to make snap fit work better? Great surface detail, and an actual decent pilot.
    So I snapped, cut, sanded, carved, fitted dry many times. Finally glued fuselage halves, working carefully from front, let an area dry, moved on to cockpit area, Glued from tail forward, to cockpit. Let settle overnight, fitted glued bottom wing half. Then dry fit top halves carefully. I thought sure there would be a large gap at roots after gluing and adjusting. Let it settle overnight, and Lo, in the morning they had settled in with a very small gap. and the upper and lower MG ports even lined up.
    Anyways, hope all is well, looking forward to next videos.

  2. Just tryin to catch up to your current blog? Fri. feb 23

    Saw the part 3 on the P-36. Will order up some of that Ink for sure. I’ve been wondering about Artists inks. Looks very good.

    That old Airfix spitfire snaop to glue turned out to be a monster, No glue wanted to work, when I finally got it to work the plastic decided to warp randomly away from the non-glued fit whcih was ok,. The plastic is soft as hard soap, and paint does not like it. Anyhow I have got it cornered now and ready to paint with Revell Aquas,

    So is there another blog address or? More recent posts I haven’t found the path to?

    1. I am horribly, horribly remiss in whatever I should have done and didn’t do. I’m going to try to do better. Really.

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