Oh Dear….

You know, I have SUCH grandiose plans… but they tend to gang aglay like a drunk orange cat in a Youtube short.


I think I have hinted around concerning my ever-entertaining mental health puzzles. Nothing is ever clear or easy. I went to the Department of Veterans Affairs and threw myself on their tender mercies and said, oh lord, I know I am not worthy, but I am broken and if you can heal me then I will be eternally grateful and will sing your praises in perpetuity.

Unfortunately, Catch-22 is still in effect within any U.S. Department of Defense activity and this extends to the VA hospitals as well. If you think you are crazy, you aren’t. Only those wily individuals who violently resist being called “mentally ill” are, in fact, mentally ill. If you show up, looking chipper, and tell them that you’re nuts, then they’ll give you some salt tablets and a pat on the back.

But recently, due to my nearly constant viewing of my Youtube friends, I have discovered that the world is now full of people who are remarkably like me. They are called “autistic” people and they are faking something called autism.

Who knew?

This is much better than the demonic torment that I had previously suspected. Blue Cross and Blue Shield will cover an ASD assessment (what’s with the “a” word? Asperger’s and now “ass-essment….”). What is this. WHAT?

Blue Cross and Blue Shield are ambivalent on the exorcism thing.

So I’ve been a bit distracted lately. I’m making new videos. I have one on the stove right now. I’m learning more and more about this “editing” thing and I’m pretty happy about how things are going.

But this blog is being neglected. This is really all my fault. But I came THIS CLOSE to shutting down the blog this year, because I want to MOVE THIS ACTIVITY to Patreon. I admit that I have been a lazy b*tch when it comes to Patreon. Mea Culpa. Many times. I am guilty. But trying to do better. I remember one of my many crazy friends telling me the joke, over and over, “I’m trying!” I said, “You certainly are!”

A mind worm for your end of the world celebrations.

May all your eclipses be total, and may all your heifers be red.

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