Les King’s Me-262

We are confronted by an image, with no color, damaged by age, and poorly made to begin with.

Of a subject that is wrecked and lacking most of its original shape. It’s a mess. But a skilled model builder may be able to create a masterpiece that represents it well. Like this model from Les King.

This is probably as good a replica as we are likely to find. I certainly can’t top it. It’s not exactly how I would do it, but it’s a reasonable interpretation of the original photographs. It’s far closer than the weird version that Airfix has portrayed on their new kit.

If they look about the same to you, then you are apparently one of Airfix’s customer base and they like you a lot.

As I was researching this paint-job, I did happen to read the messages posted by Mr. King on the “What if Modelers” forum. In the very same thread where he posted the images of the completed model, he posted a “goodbye” message:

No telling what the future holds but at this moment I don’t see a way out of this situation so these last few posts of mine are probably my last. :-\


This wasn’t the last message from Mr. King, you can read the rest of it here.

Now I wasn’t expecting to read a mysterious goodbye message when I started my “research” but now that I’ve read it I find this deeply disturbing. Here is a bona-fide genius who, apparently, is of no use to our economy. If that is the case, it’s the economy, pandering to the vast slobbering herd of (animal deleted to spare the animals) which is at fault.

I’ll be keeping Mr. King in my prayers and hope he is well. I’ve been looking for more recent postings from him but I can’t find any. I was able to find a e-mail address over at AeroScale and I sent a message of support.

We’ll see.

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