The blog entry right before this one was a kind of intro to this one. I wrote about the abominable dumb(censored) who insist that driving illegally is a God-given right.

But I should point out that I’ve decided that if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. I can’t fight this war no more. I can’t take on the masses of unwashed, hairy, smelly, incontinent Americans who believe that road plus truck plus them equals HOLY HOLY HOLY, LORD GOD ALMIGHTY it’s good to be a speed-drivin’, road-hoggin’ gangsta’.

So here we is.

I swear, as God is my witness, that I am going to abandon all hope of becoming a sort-of Charles Bronson in DEATH WISH kind of road vigilante.

I mean, I’m just kidding about that, Your Honor. I never done no thinking like that, Your Honor, judge. Just sayin’.

And I know that the same feebs who verily believe in the right to party in the left lane if’n they have the fastest car, also believe the official 9/11 story, and get road rash and diaper rage when they think about “troofers” and how they dis-honor the SACRED DEAD and all.

So it would make sense if I just embraced the dumb-hood, and let myself sink into a warm, gooey mass of belief in G.W. Bush and the War on Terror. I mean, if I’m gonna give up on the freeway driving thing, then SURELY I must see that I should give up on the 9/11 thing, too.


I mean, sure, the Mouth Breathers believe the 9/11 Commission Report, and all the hand waving that goes with it. Sure they do.

But they are the only ones who believe it, and that’s only because their brains never developed in the womb beyond the “pre-belief” level. “The brain of this foetus is not CAPABLE of BELIEF. It is in the pre-belief state, more like that of a woodpecker or owl of some kind.”

Thank you, Doctor Van Helsing.

Everybody with two brain cells knows that the official story is a damn lie. Not just me and my nerdy friends.


They are just too chicken to say so…

This is why we have the INSANE political situation we have now. Any competent psychologist could explain it. People who sit on a big lie long enough develop hemorrhoids of the mind. Anyone who is in denial of something horrible for too long goes crazy and starts to display symptoms of a great many psychological disorders. Anxiety and depression and various addictions arise from repressed memories of seeing the greatest lie in human history stuffed down our mom’s throat when we were three.

I can’t say I believe any of the official B.S.

That goes for the pitiful 7/7 “us too!” attack in the U.K.– just embarrassing.

I can’t form the words to say I believe this lie. It would make Eddie Haskell blush to tell a whopper this transparent. And they don’t stop there. Where to begin? They threw Osama Bin Laden’s body out of the helicopter over the Indian Ocean to “honor Islamic funeral law?”

Who believes this?


If so, comment below so I can abuse you and then wage holy war on your server.

4 Replies to “9/11”

  1. OK, so your head exploded, get over yourself, happens all the time. No I can’t get over myself most of the time lately. I’m gonna return to sipping Rye Whiskey tomorrow, I mean tiny sips, like before breakfast, 10-2-4 o’clock like Dr. Pepper. I’m allowed to self medicate dammit. Best moonshine I ever had was straight clear Rye, WOWZAH, it’s the real thing.

    1. Rye sure did go out of style for a while. I watched “The Lost Weekend” back in the eighties and went out to buy Rye and COULD NOT FIND IT. Now, I guess it’s staging a comeback. I’ll avoid it, though. I took benadryl for too long and started seeing spiders! All I need now is for the bats to show up!

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