A Bad Day for Nerds

I suppose this is the end of the “nerd era.” We dweebs and dorks have, today, seen the end of our time as permanently harmless side-kicks, comedy relief and men who are always referred to as “the boys.”

Today, we have entered the era of nerd as Bond Villain– in real life.

Nerds have always been villains in movies and books. Mad scientists have been blowing up the world for as long as anybody could remember. But that was almost always fantasy. Real nerds, working in real labs, had adult supervision.

Not any longer. The FTX scandal has proven that nerds can be just as rotten as anybody, and for exactly the same reasons. Oh, there have been evil nerds before, I suppose. Hitler and his crew of misfits were remarkably nerdy– but somehow they just never reminded me of the people I hang out with. Bill Gates may be a Bond Villain, but I can’t see having lunch with him. He’s just… too… sneaky. Real nerds have a sad and refreshing earnestness that Gates lacks. I always saw him as a poser.

But the people behind FTX, especially the infamous SBF, are people I could hang with. Their goofy behavior as it all came apart is classic nerd. But instead of an angry housecat or a dent in Dad’s car, we have a disaster that could contribute to destabilizing the world’s economy.

I say goodbye to the time when I always knew that my people were never in the seat of power. They– we– could never really do anything bad. That time has ended. My people are just people now.

2 Replies to “A Bad Day for Nerds”

  1. Seriously now, I’m as nerdy as needs be. But.. I always knew Bitcoin was just too watery, too ghostly slime, too Quantum. Heck I was upset when we no longer had silver certificates, let alone Gold. Ok Gold is not that reality based, like a good old lump of Anthracite is. And there I am, value for real life needs, like good solar panels, Asparagus, even Ice Cream. Hey buddy wanna buy some Silicon Wafers? How bout some good old Necco Wafers? Al least you can can stick em in your pocket for later, can’t do that with etherous bits.
    It is a shame they were Nerds, I always thought they were real evil geniuses like Gates.

  2. SBF? One of us? Hohoho surely you jest. The first thing that tipped me off, years ago, were the company he kept right out of the box. How could this “unknown” nerd appear on the stage with Tony Blair and Bill Clinton giving him a pat on the back (among others)? Oh no, SBF was set up just perfect. He was never one of us. And he constantly gained access to the big and famous, along with helping them, ahem, make their money clean. You must wonder why the mainstream media isn’t taking a similar interest in him as they did with Madoff?

    Just for fun, go and check out who his parents are.

    Bill Gates was also a nice little setup. The only real nerd out of the lot that got somewhere was Wozniak, but he had his own grifter in Jobs. It is only that the “Woz” managed to stick around and get his cut. Most of the other brains behind the operations were quickly hung out to dry.

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