Just Stop

Flying ancient airplanes is dangerous. When ancient people fly ancient airplanes you have twice the danger.

When is this insanity going to stop? Are we trapped in some kind of sick Ernest Hemingway stupidity where macho old farts have to “prove something” by dying inside elderly airplanes that should be ON THE FUCKING GROUND.

One of the reasons I quit on “airplane” forums was the unbelievably sappy crap that somebody would spill all over the forum, about how they were uplifted by the sight of those magnificent machines of yesteryear, and how we HAVE to keep the old planes flying, just one more year, to honor the fallen, and to inspire the youngsters of today to emulate their heroic deeds.

How many more dead bodies do they have to pull out of burning wreckage before we all grow up?

2 Replies to “Just Stop”

  1. Yes, old farts got no business flying airplanes as dangerous as a B-17 or P-63.

    Chuck Yeager wrote about how many guys they lost in advanced training in P-39’s, and how it was “Oh well better they fuck up and die now before they kill some of us in the real thing.”
    B-17’s are in no way crash worthy, or resistant to Kraut cannon shells, they burned easily. I decided years ago not to fly in any of those WW2 aircraft, they are simply ancient.
    AND it’s a goddamn waste of rare and precious historical artifacts.

  2. Where is the Brushpainter??

    Tried the youtube address, shows up in google search at youtube, but when clicked on youtube address got message saying “This channel does not exist.” ??
    I would have emailed, but I’ve lost your email adddress.

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