My Precious, Precious Fans

How many people here love the movie “Mystery Men?”

Yeah. Me too.

One of the best parts is the Casanova Frankenstein character, whose speech to the assembled psychiatrists at the asylum is a classic bit.

My precious, precious fans– with the “s” in “fans” pronounced with a Teutonic hiss.

Here is an update on my current activities. I’m trying to learn to make video, edit video, create a Youtube channel, design a “how to paint” course that doesn’t make me ill to think about it– while setting up a “studio” in a converted pantry and getting various bits and pieces aligned for the greatest joy and satisfaction for the greatest number of fans.

I’m sorry– did I say “fans?” I meant ME. Put “ME” in anywhere you see the word fans.


I removed the “comments” from my videos because I have no desire to watch various goons fight the culture wars on my channel. Wait for the first video– about the legendary Kolinsky Red Sable of the Arctic Tundra (a real cutie-wootie) and the way they are viciously murdered by cruel RUSSIANS in the pursuit of the perfect watercolor brush.

You’ll see what I mean. I’m getting excited just writing about it.

Incidentally, I dumped my two airbrushes and all the airbrush gear in the trash. Nobody will miss them.

I had to delete the earlier “The Brushpainter” channel because I figured out how Youtube works and, uh, kinda applied the knowledge. Now I have ONE channel where I’ve hidden all my personal stuff like playlists, etc. Hopefully, they will stay hidden. Now there is ONLY ONE. Like Highlander.

Check it out. “The Brushpainter” is now officially my nom de guerre. @thebrushpainter is my tag yo…

Now get back to work.

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  1. Good to hear from you. I understand there’s a lot to do setting up in YouTube.
    I’m trying to avoid the news, but it’s like the wreck on the highway, hard to look away.

    Truly, precious, er, that is, interested fan.

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