Call Me “Bud”

I’ve bitched before about the sorry state of P-51B kits in 1/72 scale and how I think that the old Monogram kit is still the best (even if it’s pretty bad) because it’s the only one that gets the wing shape right.

So many things wrong with this….I’m kerflumpt…

I had a photo of Bud Anderson’s “Old Crow” and I had some decals from the Academy kit and I had (yet another ) old Monogram P-51B.

The rest is history.

How could I not try to put those things together and make a model of this Ringling Bros./Barnum and Bailey airplane complete with whitewall tires? Who could resist that?


The only problem is the IRON RULE OF DOGMA 72. No masking. No spraying. No LACQUER THINNER damn it to hell.


I am a gay and happy Frenchman who paints these things without a care. Let me show you.

So Bud. So gay. The colors dance, do they not?

I decided to paint this S.O.B. with brushes and do the whole thing like a little kid. Just paint away, freehand. Unfortunately for the Evil One I’m a crafty old man and not a little kid, so I made it work. The only place I had to give up and use a decal stripe to fix a problem was on the horizontal stabilizers, where the stripes just defeated me and I had to use decals to straighten out the stripes.

But the rest of the paint job is all brushed with no net.


To show off for chissake. Whadaya think?

Incidentally, the crappy Academy decals weren’t as bad as I thought. Fortunately, I didn’t have to worry about the invasion stripe decals. Didn’t use ’em. Brushed ’em on.

This guy’s nuts.

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  1. When You’ve seen pics of the real thing being painted on the eve of 5. June 1944 it should be brushpainted.
    A fine job done. 🙂

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