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This blog entry will be all fluff, so if you’re dedicated to brush painting, and read only the meatiest meaty bits, then you’ll need to pass on this one.

I’ve had some other hobbies going on. The best news I’ve had in a while is the mysterious reappearance of Windows Live Movie Maker. I’m no great Youtuber, that’s for sure, but I do, from time to time, like to play with video and do some editing, and Windows Live Movie Maker was a great little tool that went away, and then returned to Windows 10 and I discovered this because I had this idea that I’d edit some music into some video that I downloaded from Youtube and it would be interesting to discuss.

Unfortunately, “downloaded from Youtube” means that I did not have the IP rights to publish this thing, and that was that. The INSTANT that I tried to put it on Youtube, they told me it was VERBOTEN and if I didn’t want to make new friends in the Gestapo I’d better chill.

I mean Homeland Security.

I’m seriously considering loading the thing to this site and taking my chances. It’s such a great video. I feel like Youtube is being really negative about this. The video is “art.” It’s really wild the way the music SEEMS to be perfectly suited to the video image– with UNCANNY precision. BUT IT AIN’T.

Random music downloaded.


Random video downloaded.


Put them together on Movie Maker with as little work as a lazy man can do (and that’s little).


Result looks like a spent months on it. Uncanny.

I might just upload it anyway. You know, I’m not so concerned about losing my interweb privileges as I am ending up in a federal pound-you-in-the-ass prison.

So anyway, speaking of the Gestapo, I’ve been noticing that said Gestapo is really, really into protecting IP and less interested in preventing horrible riots. Huh. Who knew?

I’ve been doing my due diligence on home defense firearms, and, so far, I’m not making a move to change anything, but I am interested in way that most redneck, er, I mean gun-owners look at the world. I’m not sure what type of elephant they intend to kill with their arsenals of super-guns, but I do wish they’d be a bit more clear in their free-of-copyright-issues Youtube videos if they intend to kill all the Mau-Maus with one giant fusillade or pick them off one-by-one.

The funniest thing I saw was a guy who was testing .22 hollow points to see if they would “mushroom” when fired from a handgun. He determined that they WOULD mushroom just fine, like proper dum-dum bullets, but that they didn’t penetrate far enough to “be sure to hit a vital organ.”

Damn. The airbrakes on the bullets deployed and then they stopped. So they didn’t go far enough. To penetrate vital organs. Because of the mushrooming of the dum-dum bullets. Which is “good.” But they didn’t go in far enough (nine inches! not enough!). The “regular” bullets went in far enough, sure, but we all know that a dum-dum bullet is required to take out Mau Maus or Huks or whatever variety of Dog Soldiers show up to molest the women and children of the wagon train.

I’m not too sure that most makers of Youtube gun videos should be allowed to own firearms, actually.

Just sayin’…

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  1. From what I can see half a world away, it doesn’t look like the local police are allowed to touch the rioters. But only in certain towns/states. And all of these are run by the same politicians. Not planned at all…

    When you get out of the Federal Pen, perhaps you could check out and see if GSI Creos has released their new ‘epoch’ making paint. This guy in Korea loves it. But there is none in the neighborhood around here (unbelievable right? Australia doesn’t have a hobby paint line?), but the US seems to get everything. Anyway, the paint is here Acrysion Color. They even spell it the same way you guys spell colour. Talk about devoted.

    1. That looks very interesting. One day, if I’m lucky and work very hard, I may be able to emigrate to Asia, the land of opportunity. In my country, things are very bad. A ruthless dictator instills terror through a system of secret police and paramilitary death squads– and that’s just my condo association!

  2. And before I recollect something else — a mexican shootist once explained he used .22 rimfire cause when you shoot a guy in the forehead once or five times he’s a goner, shootee would never know if mushrooming occurred.

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