Thank God for the word “greeblies.” I’m told, after doing a little googling, that “greeblies” might be a vulgarization of the distinguished old word “greebles.” Nonsense. At Oxford WE always pronounced it “GREE-BLEES.” Greebles! What rot!

So, having added more greeblies, my bizarre take on the immortal “DASH 8” is looking more pro all the time.

Mainly, I just want to fill all the holes. Once I filled the holes, I’m good.

The railings are made from wire extracted from the twist-ties from bread and stuff like that. I got the idea from this guy:

…although I’m not sure he does it in this video I’m sure you can look at the others and find one where he does it. His name is “Watch Trains Here” which is remarkable considering his area of interest.

I made a “rear” (aft? stern?) railing from twist ties:

A lot of work went into this S.O.B.

I wanted it to resemble the locomotives that tool around where I live, hauling tankers full of North Dakota oil to the refinery in South Saint Paul.


I discovered why my references were so wacky when I realized that BNSF did not order their DASH 8’s with fries and a drink, but chose the malted with onion rings option. Bachmann’s model looks like this version, which is strictly East Coast, nome sayin’?

This is the Conrail loco that most closely resembles the prototype upon which my model is based. If I’d “decorated” it with Conrail colors, it would have been much easier to paint and more realistic.

Now–see what happened? I’m modeling trains for a few weeks and right away I have too much information and I start rivet counting.

God help us.

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