Brushpocalypse Now

‘Tis a sad, sad day for brushpainters. It seems that Testors have quit making hobby paint altogether, and blamed it on The Covid or some such… and there’s nothin’ a body can do to rise up the dearly departed.

So, without Testors paint, what do we have?

Well, we have Revell. Sort of. I’m not sure that this is really available in the USA (yet) so I’ll just mention it in passing.

And there’s the packaging thing. I hate Revell’s paint “cubes” which are surely of the devil.

And their habit of giving the paint “colorful” names that don’t tell you much, so you have to go to some chart from IPMS (wait a minute, I was going to write IPMS as a joke…you know, “PMS”… get it?… but now I realize that it’s really IPMS… good god…)

I like Badger Modelflex. This is paint that I haven’t really used much, but it’s very similar to MM Acryl. It can be difficult to get, but it’s worth looking online for it or searching the local art supply stores if you’re old enough to play the cute old guy and flirt with the waitress… uh, I mean the sales clerk who will ask “What are you going to paint with it?”

Don’t answer her. Just do cute old guy stuff until she shuts up. Then get some paint.

There’s also Tamiya. I like Tamiya for brushing. It’s lonely here.

There is also the One True Paint, Vallejo, which makes a truly shitty paint (Model Color) and a type that’s usable (Model Air).

It’s strange that the best paint for brushing plastic models right now might be from an airbrush company (Badger… come one, pay attention!). But life is strange.

2 Replies to “Brushpocalypse Now”

  1. Its really sad. Still there seems to be some around here probably till the source dries out.. I’ve been trying out Mr. Color Aqueous its really good. May have to switch to that brand.

    1. Huh. I figured that this would be very similar to Tamiya. Is it? That is, does it smell like Cuervo Gold (as Tamiya does) which makes me think that if I ever just snap I might drink it. You know. It’s non-toxic.

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