Episode 6: A Rescue

I admit it. I admit it. Nervous. Yes, very nervous.

Save me from dying of fear of the hideous heart by BUYING ME A (symbolic) BEER.

Spend some money on some tokens. (THE MINIMUM IS TWO DOLLARS– THE PRICE OF A CHEAP BEER)

Earn a “fave.”

Put that “fave” on Lion Squadron.

Make me so happy I begin to cry.

Write a review. An honest one. I’m being as honest with you as the day is long. I never promised coupons to Olive Garden for the first five people to review my story. That would be crooked. Amazon would ban me.

Mmmm. Olive Garden.

3 Replies to “Episode 6: A Rescue”

    1. No, I never seen that one, but Scott would probably make a good Mussolini. Honestly, the real story of the Italo-Ethiopian war and what went on in Ethiopia should be a documentary from our boy Ken Burns. Seriously, it’s a wild, wild story. Absolutely fascinating. Did you know that Mussolini had a son named Vittorio and he was a pilot during the war? I mean, c’mon. You can’t make this up.

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