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    1. Yes. My only claim to fame is that I paint everything freehand with a brush. Without that, my delusions of grandeur would crumble. The “edging” is decals, of course.

  1. Any hints on how you can get that burnished look on the exhaust? I see guys so it with an airbrush all of the time. Not sure if it is realistic or not. I’ve only been around a handful of jets. Thanks.

    1. I think you’re talking about the discoloration that happens when a metal is heated. Chrome on motorcycle exhausts turn blue from the heat (for example). I’ve seen titanium on F-16’s, F-4’s and F-15’s discolor from heat (slightly) and one of the colors is indeed blue. The effect is not something I’ve tried to duplicate. It is something that an airbrush could do. On a 1/72 scale model, an in-scale version of it would require some pretty fancy airbrush work. I’m inclined to think that this is one of those fads that starts with one guy (probably a true genius) who paints an exhaust on a “show stopper” model. Then somebody comes along and does an inferior version of a similar thing, and because it’s done with an airbrush and “looks cool” it goes from “only a genius would attempt it” to “everybody wants some” in a short time. The result is usually not realistic, but the internet causes these things to blow up into “big things.” I’m also strongly inclined to notice that “airbrush only” is a siren call that few sailors can ignore.

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