Vallejo Model Color and Me

Yes. I’ve been long a-paintin’. And a-writin’ them praises o’ paint and darby…

I have exhausted my ability to use the English language to explain where I’m at, so I thought I’d do what mega-smarties do at English Universities.

I’d make stuff up.

But sometime I have to come back down to this little old planet and ‘fess up. So it’s time.

Losing the plot when you’re young and horny isn’t so surprising. It’s scary when you drop a stitch as you’re bringing that big baby in for a landing. When you miss a beat during the coda while you place some side bets on the Knicks game– you’re bothered but it doesn’t say anything about the passage of time and mortality.

But wait ’til you get older.

At 66– my present age– I see “mistakes” happen that aren’t “mistakes” at all. They’re just the inevitable result of the fact that time passes faster and faster and I can’t keep up with it. It’s been a medical school education ago that my beloved paints went off the market. It’s been a stint in the army ago that RPM pulled the plug on MM Acryl. But it’s barely any time gone by in my space-time continuum . It flashed by without a pause. I’m still smelling the sulfur from RPM’s decision-making.

So when I decided to start a Youtube channel, I had no idea that taking a few years to set it up might seem like a LONG TIME to some people. Oh well. As the gangstas say, come down to my level.

This warpage of space-time is the only excuse I can offer for failing to notice that my personal Bond Villain– Vallejo Model Color– has undergone a major upgrade and is now, uh, pretty good paint. It smells bad (like anti-freeze) but it works good.

At some point during the last decade and a half, the folks at Vallejo changed the formula and what had been a true hot mess y’all girl became something that really impressed me when, wearing an all-knowing smirk, I tried ye olde painte and was amazed. The smirk fell away to reveal a NSFW expression of surprise.


Now, can I please blame Vallejo? For not telling me? Why did they not trumpet the “new and improved” paint from the rafters? Why did they not rafter it from the strumpets? Why, oh lord? All I can say is that I have my suspicions about inventory control and re-calls and so forth. But right now, from where I’m sitting, the worst has become, well, if not the best, then mighty close to a place of honor in the hollowed halls of hobby paints.

At least, that’s what i think happened. If the vapors in my laboratory part and I see where I fouled up, I’ll get back to you.

3 Replies to “Vallejo Model Color and Me”

  1. Time is not real say some new physicsists. Anyways it is warped for sure , lately especially. I thought I had a poltergeist messing with me at modeling, but now I’m thinking really is time warps
    and brain twists.
    So. Yes I have a bottle of vallejo acrylc metalcolor Airbrush Colors, labled NEW FORMULA on the side running vertically. And it has been looking really nice on some small test patches and tiny parts. I’m going to use it on the fabric surfaces of a highly massaged Lindberg F-11C Goshawk, one on of my all time favorite models, since 1955. It is quite accurate in form and dimensions when checked against Wylams drawings, better than any other kits.
    Looking forward to your conclusions.

  2. I’m new to this dance & have been playing catchup through the posts. It has been very interesting and frustrating – where are the video’s? There are lots of references to Watch This, but The Video Is Not Available is at the end of the link. Will they be made available? I am interested in actually seeing how you implement a technique similar to the 1969 Air Space Model article.

    1. You have nothing to worry about. I have been frustrating people for nearly seventy years. I see no need to stop now!

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