More Rigging

As soon as I came down on the “free floating” nature of the sails I should have known that I would discover some aspect of the Revell kit which would prove that I was all wet–and so it did–sort of. The lower sail on the fore mast is shown in the instructions with a “cheater” line that pulls the sail out and away from the mast. Whether it is a “cheat” or represents a line on the actual ship–I don’t care. The main thing is that this gave me an idea–why not put these “cheaters” on any sail that threatens to hang wrong? In other words, just rig up the sails to hang properly.

As we say in my world–derp.

If you look carefully you can see the thread I’m talking about. It’s in the instructions but would be very easy to miss.

On another subject…

I’m very glad I glued the threads to the sail. No way would this bundle of rigging work if tied to the flimsy edge of the sail after a hole had been punched. It would just tear loose.

…and another…

Here’s a shot showing that the sails are not attached to the yards. I’m pondering just using some super glue to do it, after all the other rigging is finished.

…and a third!

Rigging one of these ships could be an exercise in frustration for just about anybody. What’s needed is a little “how to do it” page on the instructions, but there is no such page, and Revell’s sailing ship kits had the best instructions. I guess it was a case of “if you don’t already know, drop dead.”

Here’s a very brief description of how it works. You start at the end of the line that is NOT at the deck where the crew could reach it, i.e. not tied to a belaying pin or cleat. Run the rigging through whatever holes are provided. Then take the line and tie it to the cleat or belaying pin using the rigging tool. You need the tool because you are NOT going to get your fingers in there.

You hold the thread taut with one hand and reach in with the tool to wrap the line around the cleat, etc., and if you’re good you can actually do half-hitches to secure it (if you’re not so good just wrap it). Then make damn sure it won’t come off the cleat with a drop of super glue. You can attach the hackle pliers and let it hang until the glue sets, with with super glue that’s kinda pointless…


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