Not Priming: A-20 Part 3

This old Revell kit has beautiful fit but it’s covered with rivets the size of bowling balls. The Sonic Scrubber worked it’s magic on the A-20, removing those rivets quite nicely. The whole sanding job took less than half an hour.

I dry sanded it to avoid having to wait for days for it to dry. Wet sanding is faster, usually, but this went pretty fast.

Then I put on a coat of MM Acryl “mysterioius zero-sen color” that I mixed up myself. Oh–did I say zero-sen color? I mean sky gray. Yeah, that’s what I meant. I’ll use this on any zeroes I build, too.

The nose needs a bit more fettling. Other than that I like it just fine and my opinion is the only one that counts here. (So refreshing!) I finished work on the TOP SECRET Norden Bomb Sight.

Looks less like a jerry can now.

I also remembered that I have some vac-formed canopies for this as part of a USAAF bombers set from Falcon of New Zealand. Well, it’s looks like this is gonna have the vac-formed canopies. This in no way obligates me to build interiors into the crew stations. Except for the bomb sight.

Shhhh! It’s TOP SECRET!

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