The Gathering: Ouragan Part 1

The Heller 1/72 Ouragan is missing its munitions. No bombs. No rockets. So I went looking through the stash for something to steal.

These rockets are from the FROG Wyvern.

These “napalm tanks” are from the Matchbox/Revell Mystere IV.

I’ve decided to build the Ouragan in a nifty four-color scheme. Like this one.

In fact, I may just copy this guys work completely. His name is Yoav Efrati and he does good work. Why not copy it? I’m not a big fan of copying a model, and making a model of a model, and then claiming that it’s “authentic” based on that. It’s not authentic. It’s a model of a model.

But in this case, that’s what I want to do. So it’s cool. It’s uncool when somebody tries to pretend that a model of a model is an “accurate replica” of a real aircraft or some baloney.

Of course, the tricky part will be doing that without an airbrush. Stay tuned!

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