There’s Always Somebody Better

There is an old, old saying that there is always somebody better than you. This is particularly true in the field of video production. Owen here is a the creator of Quick Kits, which produces some of the most mind-blowing videos I have ever seen. Not just the most mind-blowing videos on plastic model kits– I mean the most mind-blowing, period.

Link to Owen’s Youtube page.

Owen’s a pretty good model builder, and he paints the models with brushes, so he’s on the side of the angels there, but I couldn’t really care less about his model building. He’s waxed my tail so hard in the video production business that if I were a quitter I would quit right now.

Damn. That’s fine video-ing.

I don’t always agree with everything Owen says. He doesn’t try to avoid all VOC’s like I do, so I got him there. Stack that up against him being a kid whose studying bio-chemistry (or something) and with his youth, looks, bright future and talent I have absolutely nothing to worry about from this guy.

Look, I know when I’m beat. I can see clearly that this dude, at the age of six, was probably doing better videos than I am at sixty. He even gives advice on paint types, brushes and all sorts of things and presents it in a better way that I am likely to ever do in this life.

But really– good for him. He really should drop bio-chemistry or nuclear-cloning or whatever and concentrate on video, in my opinion, but hey–what do I know? Maybe the world needs a nuclear-cloning bio-chemist who can make a mean video.

The main thing is this little piece of advice from me to you. Never let the competition get you down. Just keep plugging away at your little end of the universe. Life is not a race. It’s more like a tableau.

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