Worse Than None at All?

Ratlines, deadeyes, and assorted related parts–INSTALLED SIR!


Maybe the injection-molded ratlines and shrouds ARE an abomination, on some level. But for me and my ilk, it’s the difference between a model that gets finished and displayed and one that sits on the shelf of doom–never to be completed.

I’m not a ship-modeler. Not now. Probably not ever. But those injection-molded shrouds and ratlines will allow me to have a ship model on my fireplace mantel, and that’s what this particular game is about.



2 Replies to “Worse Than None at All?”

  1. Looking good so far Dan. I might actually try my hand at a sailing ship one day. I think you got me at ‘ship on the mantle piece’. Seems like it would be taken to much more easily than, say, a 1/350 battleship amongst the less knowledgeable. After all, who doesn’t love a sailing ship (apart from the person making it)?

    Can’t wait to see you do up the crew in fitting action poses.

  2. Looks fantastic! I don’t think I could get anywhere near the quality of your result. You’re correct. Sometimes you just need to get it done. Besides civilians will not be able to tell the difference.

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