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  1. This looks great, Dan!

    A bit shiny for my tastes, but that is likely the lighting. I don’t yet have the guts to try a NMF regardless of the tools, but this build is a great motivator.

    1. This model doesn’t have any clearcoat over the Metal Color. I did an experiment with some Future (gloss) and it didn’t completely kill the sheen but it did dull it a little. The key thing to keep in mind is that the actual aircraft had a shiny aluminum skin with markings painted on in a mix of gloss and flat paints, and I think the model should reflect that, if possible. I do tend to “flatten” everything on most models just because a flat coat removes all “blemishes.” But that would be a bad thing to do to the metal finish.

  2. If you like P-47’s you will like them even better if you watch,
    “Range, Deceit and Treachery.”.
    Its about the big lie about Jugs not having the range to escort bombers and the black lie that bombers didn’t need escorts..
    HINT in 1939 Hap Arnold issued an order that forbad fighters from having drop tanks

    1. Oh wow. Thanks for that. The P-47 was a better warplane than the P-51, except for one teensy thing. A single P-47 was TWICE as expensive as a P-51. So, to be cost effective, a single P-47 had to better than TWO P-51’s.

      No way.

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